Aandu studio is a unique practice, innovative in Australian design. Founded in 2003 by Willea Ferris, AANDU STUDIO pioneered the use of MAYA as design generative software within the applied architectural design profession, in Australia. Architecture is the choreography of urban scale events. A modern Australian practice may be small- a sole practitioner; or large- comprised of hundreds. It may be local or global in its focus. Modern technology allows easy and fast transfer of information and knowledge, which in turn allows even the smallest of practices to be linked in a complex form best suited to its’ inhabitants, its clients and the architecture it generates. The resulting architecture is the condensed idea. The distilled product of many and varied ingredients. We liken it to an endless series of knots. It has internal structural integrity, but it can respond to external pressures by making intuitive adaptations. A pure geometry with a pure function is an achievement we seek within a multiplicity of disciplines and intimate human knowledge